Friday, January 27, 2012

Snowball: The White Mouse

Write about the book Snowball: The White Mouse.

The students read this book during small group instruction. I asked them to retell the story in the correct sequence. The students are beginning to learn about sequencing stories. I am encouraging them to use the ordinal words. Some are while others still need to work on the skill.


  1. Snowball lived in a pet shop.He did not like the uder pets in the pet shop.He har to live in a cagch.And pets that eat mouse.A girl came into the shop.She hade a dog.Snowball duset like dogs.Dogs eat mouse. Martin

  2. First Snowball lived in a shop. There were cats and dogs. Cats like to eat mice. Next someone came in the shop. I have a kitten at home. The next day a girl came into the shop. If I buy a mouse I will have two pets. Destiny

  3. First Snowball Was in his kaj and he did not like the asr pets and then a boy had a kitten at home and then Snowball goed up the ladder too his little room then the girl the next day a little boy came into the shop. Jashon