Monday, March 14, 2011


Teaching writing is my passion. Writing with my students is something I do daily without fail.  I strive to have all of my students become great writers and under my instruction they do. My first grade students produce multi-paragraph research papers and enjoy writing them. My reputation as a teacher is the person to go to if someone has a questions about teaching writing. I am good at what I do.
My passion for teaching writing and the encouragement of my TC friend, Caryl Martin, drew me to the San Joaquin Valley Writing Project (SJVWP). Through the Invitational Summer Institute I joined other teachers to learn how to strengthen my skills as a writing teacher. We spent the summer teaching each other our best writing lessons, read and discussed articles, and wrote our own stories. I formed life long bonds with other teachers who I can discuss writing instruction. I became part of a community of writers who care about bringing an authentic voice to our student's writing. At the end of our summer journey we became Teacher Consultants with the Writing Project.
Through my continued work with SJVWP I have been able to teach other teachers about quality writing instruction. The Writing Project has not only had an impact on my life, but the lives of other teachers who I train as a Teacher Consultant. I have trained other teachers at school sites, have been a trainer in Advanced Academies, and continue to advocate for quality writing techniques with my colleagues and administration.  
The SJVWP is my writing home. I have gained more from what I learned in one summer than any other writing training. I was a good writing teacher before. Now, because of the Writing Project, I am a great writing teacher. I want this same great experiences for other teachers. It is a terrible shame that the funding for this terrific opportunity is being cut. I would encourage all those who are in a position to reinstate the funding do so to keep the National Writing Project alive.