Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Students did a study of Orangutans. They formulated paragraphs from the writing process they went through.


  1. Orangutans are apes. first they have short Legs.
    Orangutans Have Long Arms. They do not Have a
    tail. first he have short iegs. Orangutars have longarms. Theydonot have a tail. They live in forests. And in the nests and it will keep warm. They can eat fruit and flowers,leaves and insects too and bananas and oranges. People go in too the forest and cut down the trees. Where will the Orangutans live?

  2. Nick
    The apes have two long arms and short legs. Apes have no tail.The orangutns live in the forest.The apes live in the zoo. Apes predators are people. People kill apes by cutting dowr all the trees. we are predatols. Apes eat insects,leaves,frit,flowers,nuts.

  3. Looks like we have some orangutan experts in room 8! Did you see any when you went to the zoo on your field trip? Are you scared of orangutans?

  4. Nukem
    Orangutans have long arms and shor tleg they are big apes and they doonot have tail they livei in the forests they live in the zoo they live in the trees they live in the jgol if ney they live in the nests.

  5. Yisselle
    they do not have a tail. orunsulans have long arms. they heve short legs.they arebi big apes. they have hair.

  6. Do orangutans only eat plants, or do they eat other things, too?