Friday, January 27, 2012


Students read a book and a few articles about rabbits. They went through the writing process to finalize their expository writing. This blog is their final product.


  1. Most rabbits do not live with people. Rabbits
    live underground. rabbits live in burrows.
    rabbits eat leaves. rabbits come out to eat food
    in the morning and late afternoon. Rabbits eat
    bark. rabbits look like a cat. Rabbits look a
    kangaro. rabbits look like a furry animal.
    Rabbits are chast by owls. Owls eat rabbits. Wolves eat rabbits. Rabbits put grass in their nests and keep the baby rabbits dry. Rabbits close their holes.

  2. RaBBits live in hols.RaBBits live underground.most RaBBits do not Live With poepel.RaBBits live.RaBBits aeT Grass.RaBBits eat plants.RaBBits eat cearits.Rabbits are herbivors. Rabbits eat leaves. They look like cats. They are gray and brown. Rabbits tails are small and fluffy. They have long ears. Eagles eat rabbits. Owls eat rabbits. Hawks eat rabbits Foxes eat rabbits. Dogs eat rabbits. Rabbits run in a zigzag. Rabbits can jump as tall as a house. A mother rabbit can find her babys by there smell

  3. Most rabbits live in the wild.Rabbits live in burrows.Colonys are groups of rabbits that live together.They come out of ther burrows to eat.Rabbits are herbivors.Rabbits eat grass bark and leaves.Rabbits have long ears and long back legs.Ther tals are small and fluffly.Rabbits are the size of a cat. Eagles eatrabbits and dogs do too.Lanxes eat rabbits also.

  4. Arlette
    Most rabbits live in the wilb. Rabbits do not live with people. Rabbits live in burrows rabbits live in holes. Rabbits are about of a size of a cat. Rabbits eat bark and grass when she close the hole to the nest. Predators eat rabbits run fast and rabbits eat Hay rabbits eat leaves. Rabbits have long ears.

  5. Luis
    Rabbits live under the ground.Most rabbits do not live with people. Some live in deserts. Rabbits eat grass. Rabbits eat bark and leaves. Rabbits eat hay. Rabbits have long ers and back legs. They have a litte nose.Wolves eat rabbits. Egles eat rabbits. Owls eat rabbits.

  6. Tejvir
    Rabbits live undergrond and they live in acolony they donot live with people rabbits eat bark rabbite eat leaves and they eat bark there gray they are fluffy and they are blaek and white and gray they look like cats and owls too and they are fluffy animiles too they fluffy too.eagles eat rabbits and owls too. they cant cath them they are really fast. and there so fast.