Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Animoto is a video producing site. Students can use pictures and music and add text to make an amazing video. A variety of transitions and backgrounds can be used to make a video. This is an easy applications for students of all ages to use. Students simply upload pictures and arrange them in the sequence they wish them to be shown. They can add titles and sub-text to their pictures.

With my first grade students I worked one on one to help them learn the application. Each student read a expository story about an animal. They each then wrote their own story about their animal. The students sat with me to make their Animoto after their stories were complete. I taught the students to upload pictures of the animal they wrote about, add music, and write text from the books they wrote.

The following Animoto was created by one of my first grade students.

You can see other student created Animotos at Writing Through Technology.

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